Friday, January 5, 2018

Say “Gun Lobby” One More Time…

I DARE you!  I DOUBLE DARE you!  Seems I always hear the same old worn out talking points from the usual gun-control suspects about how our lawmakers are in bed with the so-called “Gun Lobby.”  Every time someone opposes the new gun control legislation, the gun control crowd is all up in arms (pun intended) about how the “Gun Lobby” is controlling everything.  When the NRA or one of the other gun rights groups gives money to support a pro-Second Amendment candidate’s campaign, it is always the corrupt “Gun Lobby” that is the root of all this evil.  The people spewing this nonsense somehow think that the “Gun Lobby” ONLY supports and is beholding to big business and manufacturers.  Or maybe they think the “Gun Lobby” is in the pocket of some cabal with no regard for the fact that actual people just want to protect and enjoy their rights.  Basically, when the people in gun grabber land don’t get their way, it’s resistance to the evil “Gun Lobby” that becomes their battle cry. 

 “OMG!  The ‘Gun Lobby’ just gave $500 thousand dollars to Senator Smith’s campaign.”

“This is outrageous!  The ‘Gun Lobby’ gave $200 thousand dollars to help defeat our latest gun control measure.”

“Congressman Carson is in bed with the ‘Gun Lobby.’  That is so corrupt that he would take money from a special interest!”

“The ‘Gun Lobby’ is raising millions of dollars to oppose ‘common sense’ gun regulations.”

“This is sad!  The ‘Gun Lobby’ is responsible for the mass shooting that just occurred…”

Evidently, these people don’t realize that the Second Amendment is an enumerated individual right in the U.S. Constitution.  Nor do they realize that these gun rights groups are huge and active because of their large citizen memberships.

I apologize that I can’t write this post in crayon so that those who don’t get it can understand.  But this so-called “Gun Lobby” of which the gun control crowd speaks, The National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, National Association for Gun Rights, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, and a whole host of others, is made up of over five million American Citizens!  That’s right!  We The People are members and make up the body of this so-called “Gun Lobby.”  We are members of these organizations because we are up against very rich and powerful people who oppose gun rights, and we know that the only way that we can win is to join together in a unified voice, and leverage the political and legal clout of these gun rights organizations to help preserve our RIGHTS. 

We pay dues and give donations to these organizations with the full expectation that they will use their muscle on our behalf to help elect pro-Second Amendment candidates, and strongly oppose draconian gun control measures.  So if you are going to claim that the so-called “Gun Lobby” is giving money to these efforts, then my response is: “You’re darn right they are!”  They are doing exactly what We The People, We The Members, and We The CITIZENS are paying them to do.  They are doing their JOB!

Oh, and by the way, the “Gun Lobby” does not cause any of these mass shootings for which the “Gun Lobby” seems to get the blame.  Those are done by sick and broken INDIVIDUALS.  And it’s funny: practically none of these mass murderers are ever NRA members.  Imagine that!

Not that any in the gun control culture will acknowledge these truths, or admit to their own hypocrisy.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Acceptable Accuracy - Next Level Training

Bullseye discipline shooting and defensive shooting are very different with regards to the dynamics involved (obviously), but also in what is referred to as acceptable accuracy.  As Mike mentions in the video, putting holes in a small group on paper targets for a score is a lot different than putting effective rounds into a bad guy to stop a threat.   This video provides a pretty good discussion of the difference between bullseye accuracy and defensive (combat) accuracy.  The idea is to stop the threat.  More hits to an acceptable level of accuracy within an acceptable are (i.e. "center mass") creates more likelihood of incapacitating a threat.

I have worked with defensive shooting instructors who espouse the "other" theory of defensive shooting, that of putting all defensive shots into nearly the same place.  The idea of that philosophy is to create a larger wound cavity in a single place, and a single vital organ.  And then there are others who believe that shooting at a faster cadence, placing more rounds on the target with the highest delivery speed that will allow for accuracy, will be more effective in stopping a threat.  In other words: Putting all shots into as close to a single hole as possible, versus spreading more shots out over a critical area.

 Armor Concepts

But I personally adhere to and teach the philosophy of combat accuracy with a greater shooting cadence versus the idea of trying to put defensive shots all in the same hole. Getting a lot of shots off faster, but still having the marksmanship to put them all in the acceptable accuracy zones (in my humble opinion) will increase the likelihood of putting rounds into vital areas and stop the threat.

Whichever you decide to use, remember to practice, practice practice.  Practice both and see which one works for you.  Remember: In a crisis situation, you will never rise to super-star performance.  You will always fall back to your level of training.