Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Gonzo's Gun News - August 7, 2019

More news from the Second Amendment infringement world.  The big news this week since the shootings over the last few weekends is the rush to pass Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO), otherwise known as Red Flag bills.  Look - I believe in taking guns out of the hands of mentally ill people.  But these bills are just downright dangerous.  They completely take away due process.

Also in the works - banning certain types of firearms.  Rifles, such as the AR-15, that are in common use, are "scary" and must, therefore, be banned.  Now the people that want to ban them have no clue how they actually function, or that they are only military "look-alikes" rifles.  But they want to ban them.

Stay tuned as this is all very fluid right now, and there is likely to be a lot of breaking news in the coming weeks.

Some good training vids I stumbled upon.  I can never stress enough the need to practice transitions and malfunction drills.  Training is going to be especially important as we are in a time where the need to stay armed is more important now than ever.  Antifa group attacks on innocent people, mass shootings in shopping areas, all serve to make us all want to be more aware of our surroundings and have the ability to defend ourselves.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Gonzos's Gun News - July 27, 2019

My sincere apologies for not posting an update lately.  I am dealing with some chronic pain issues, and my lower back compression fracture and elbow tendonitis decided to act up last weekend, and all this week.  Ice and TENS units have been my friend this week.

Anyway - the big news this week is the NRA trouble that has been in the news lately.  I still support the NRA - I sort of have to as I am an instructor and rely on them form my credential.  But the NRA is going through a lot of financial, ethical, and moral trouble.  Add to that the fact that many left-wing agencies are targeting them.  If they are successful in bringing down the NRA, these leftists will be emboldened to start attacking other groups like NAGR, GOA, FPC, and others

The trouble continues to emerge from liberal, activist judges who are making ridiculous rulings regarding the applicability of the Second Amendment to particular types of firearms.  Our founders did not make for these types of restrictions to be put in place, and in fact, wrote the Second Amendment with the intent that citizens would have weapons in common use.  This activist judge further makes statements to illustrate once again that these people have no clue about firearms or their usage, but presume to lecture the rest of us about them.  But this is dangerous and can set horrible precedence.  If not overturned by higher courts, or if the Supreme Court refuses to hear this case and it is upheld by the next lower court, this will pave the way for extremely bad anti-gun laws to be put in place.

The good news is that there are many other gun rights groups that are doing an excellent job moving forward with lawsuits and efforts to protect our rights.  stay tuned and stay aware.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Gonzo's Gun News - July 6, 2019

My new feature here on the Gonzo's Firearms Blog - I will post a weekly synopsis of what is appearing in the news as far as firearms rights, training topics, legislation, and any other important news that comes up during the week.  Please subscribe to the blog and leave comments about topics that you wish to see or news articles that you want me to cover.

Some important news in the firearms world, especially for those of you with AR pistols with stabilizer braces.  The BATFE seems to change its mind often, and firearms owners can easily run afoul of their ever-changing rules:

Again from Guns and Gadgets - some important information about the California ammunition law that just took effect on July 1, 2019:

States like Massachusets seek to ram their brand of gun control down everyone's throats.  Colorado's new Governor Jared Polis has even endorsed making Colorado the model for gun control  So basically, all of these now deep-blue states seek to impose yet more radical gun control:

Sorry to take so long to post this one.  Yet another example of a tyrant who thinks she knows better than we do what guns we can or cannot have with which to defend ourselves.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Back to The Fundamentals

When I see a student struggling with defensive pistol handling and marksmanship techniques, it is most often due to not practicing the fundamentals of basic pistol handling.  Either they don't know the fundamentals, or they are rushing through each of the phases of proper pistol handling to hastily get the gun up and on the target.  But this rushed and "unpurposeful" attempt at pistol presentation is leading to wasted movements and poor marksmanship.  Too many times, the student does not have the pistol presented in a good defensive posture, and then the shots tend to be scattered and not as effective as they could be.

The Pat McNamara video below is one of the best that I have found to illustrate the basics of pistol handling.  He breaks down the fundamentals of pistol handling into its most basic components.  Each of the pistol handling "phases" can be broken down into specific components, each of which is deliberate, has a proper form, and each of which has a very specific tactical purpose.  Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, and fast is deadly.  Hasty and hurried, especially in a gun-fight, will get you killed.

When watching this short video, all of the phases and techniques he describes are important, but specifically, I would like to draw attention to his comments on trigger finger placement.  Trigger finger placement has a HUGE influence on proper marksmanship.  I have tried this technique myself.  It works.  I too was a product of training where the pad of the finger (splitting the distal phalange, as Pat calls it) is the proper placement.  But after watching Pat's videos, talking to other competitive shooters, and actually practicing it myself, I have found that actually syncing the finger all the way in, usually until the finger joint is on the trigger, provides a great deal of advantage when it comes to making sure that there is no undue influence on the trigger that would cause shots to be off. 

Pistol grip, trigger finger placement, pistol presentation, and firing the shot are all indeed a matter of physics and proper tool usage.  Using physics and mechanical principles over wasted and forced movements will win for you every time.

So what can you do?  Practice, practice, practice!  And not all practice has to be done at the range.  Dry-fire practice is an excellent way to practice those movements, such as drawing from a holster, pistol presentation, trigger finger placement, and a smooth steady trigger squeeze.  Remember, slow is smooth, smooth is fast, and fast is deadly.  Performing that slow repetition, over and over again, will help you with what is referred to as "deep training" to help build muscle memory.  Then you can go to the range and put that deep training and practice into play, and then concentrate on marksmanship.  

For more on "Deep Training" techniques, by the way, read Tim Larkin's book, "When Violence is the Answer."  I have found the methods and techniques discussed in this book to be an anexceptional resource for all types of training, whether it is hand to hand, non-lethal tools employment, or basic firearms handling.

I will be posting some videos soon that will show how I have set up my own dry fire practice area, and how I get the most out of my practice time using slow and deliberate techniques to build up to that smooth and quick defensive pistol delivery.  So stay tuned!

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