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Friday, November 6, 2015

Designed to Kill Large Numbers of People Quickly?!

This NRA-ILA article speaks to the rabid and incredible misunderstanding (and fear) possessed by the left of firearms. It also speaks to their complete lack of knowledge about firearms and their refusal to understand firearms usage facts, which leads to their inability make sound decisions when it comes to the legislation of firearms.

In the article, the lawmakers of Wisconsin say they want to ban so-called "assault weapons" and most other types of firearms because they deemed them dangerous because they are “designed to kill large numbers of people quickly.”

 In fact, it appears they are taking a shotgun approach (pun intended) to just ban any and all firearms they can think of. I am not sure they even know enough about firearms to know what kinds of guns can perform what actions, to be honest.

Hmmm.... well what d'ya know? I looked through all of the owner's manuals for all of my firearms, and in NOT ONE of these documents does it say that the firearm was designed for the explicit purpose of killing large numbers of people quickly.

A firearm has one, and only ONE purpose: To allow an operator to pull a trigger that actuates a firing pin that activates an ammunition cartridge and sends a projectile out of the barrel towards an intended target. THAT'S IT! That intended target may be a piece of paper, game being hunted, a home invader, or an invading enemy.

Killing large numbers of people is the intent of the heart of the operator of the firearm. The state of the heart may be that of a deranged and criminal mind who wants to kill as many innocent people as possible. Or the state of the heart may be a law abiding and decent citizen who wants nothing more than to protect loved ones and other innocents from a home invader or active shooter. Perhaps it's the heart of a hunter who wants to put food on the table. Or even just the heart of a sportsman who is competing in a shooting match.

The firearm itself does not have the ability to make these decisions, nor was it designed explicitly for any of these purposes.

Now I will tell you also what the 2nd Amendment was designed to do: It was designed to protect the individual RIGHT to own firearms for the purpose of protecting them from tyrannical governments and invading armies. And if it ever came to this, a firearm of the same type and action of those possessed by the invading entities was the idea of the framers when they wrote this amendment. In other words - possessing military style weapons was the intent of the framers, and is the RIGHT of individuals.

I'm not sure we're dealing with people of stellar intellect in these attempts to ban guns based solely on their perception (not knowledge) of the firearm's appearance, use, or purpose. The only thing I see in play here are people who act based on "feelings" (not knowledge) and the need to show others that they "are doing something."

Monday, July 13, 2015

CAUTION: Shameless Commercial Plug!

In these uncertain times, it is very important to get your emergency planning and emergency supplies up to date as soon as possible.  With all the chaos going on in our country right now, I have even increased my own level of awareness and sense of urgency to potential crises coming our way.  Given the number of threats currently facing us, it is so hard to tell exactly what to prepare for.  But regardless of the crisis, certain needs will be consistent:  Food, water, shelter, self-defense, and medical/first-aid.  Now that I have everything transferred to the “Gonzo’s Garage” website, I have had the opportunity to update the emergency preparedness  and firearms pages, which now includes a variety of articles, links, and YouTube Channel suggestions to help you meet your emergency planning goals and at least get the basics of your plan in place.  

Gonzo's Garage - Emergency Preparedness Page

There is a new “supplies” page as well, to help you easily shop online for your food and emergency gear needs.  Here, you will be able to find offerings for emergency preparedness supplies from reputable sources, such as Brownells, Police Store, Wise Foods, and various others.   And to be honest, this is a more an exercise in offering emergency preparedness awareness for my loyal readers, as well as learning a little bit about online marketing so that I can keep myself busy when I retire ;)

I do not handle the transactions; I simply receive a commission through my affiliate relationship with these vendors.  All payments for these products will be made through the secure websites of the vendors offering them.  Below are some examples of the types of emergency preparedness gear available.  Please visit the supplies page, however, to see a wider selection.  I am adding new vendors all the time, so please check back often.

One of the other areas I am concentrating on in this section of my website is alternative methods of firearms training.  Given the high price of ammunition, there are many aspects of training that can be performed with AirSoft and laser training devices to build up muscle memory.  Then, you can go to the range and use these new skills with live ammunition to make better use of your live ammunition, and be more proficient with your live fire.  I am offering various products to help with training, including AirSoft equipment.


The firearms section and the AR-15 Tech section of Gonzo’s Garage now include various selections of AR-15 uppers, lowers, parts, and ammunition.  The AR-15 parts are mainly from Brownells, and the ammunition comes from Brownells and Sinclair’s.  Stay tuned, as I will be posting some reloading supplies in the very near future.

Please take a look and see if any of the emergency preparedness articles and supplies can meet your needs.  If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!

Gonzo's Garage - Emergency Preparedness Page

Sunday, June 28, 2015

VIDEO: Front Sight Focus...

Self defense is one thing that you will hear me preaching over and over.  And the use of firearms in your self defense repertoire is, in my opinion, the  most effective for what I am pretty sure we are about to face.  Being able to shoot effectively and accurately will save lives, as well as saving precious ammo.  Making every shot count will be a life saver!

Try these drills.  This method works! In all my years teaching firearms techniques, I have found that my students have the most difficulty with aiming because they really don't know where to put their focus.  Front sight focus is absolutely the key to having the ability to shoot consistently and accurately.

Your eyes have muscles and nerves that enable them to move and focus. Doing these drills builds muscle memory.  So don't be afraid to begin slowly.  By being slow and deliberate, you will do things the same way every time.   Doing these movements slowly and deliberately will cause your eye muscles to learn and "burn in" the desired motion and function.  This will allow you to begin speeding up these movements, and work up to acquiring your target more quickly.  You will find that by repetition,  you will be able to acquire targets more quickly, make defensive decisions more quickly, and shoot more accurately.

Shoot safely, be accurate!